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That’s a good first question! Complete our online form, which will tell you which schemes you’re eligible to apply for. To discuss this result, please get in touch with us at Hyatt Homes.

In brief, Help to Buy is a government equity loan that enables you to own your home. You buy the property for 60% of the market value, and the loan makes up the mortgage shortfall. You have to pay the loan back (it starts at no interest, then moves to low interest after five years).

Shared ownership is similar, except the shortfall is made up by you paying rent to the housing association. So, you pay a percentage of the value to the mortgage company, and the rest as rent to the association.

Yes you can. You’ll need to pay back the loan either when you sell the property or at the end of your mortgage period, whichever happens first.

There genuinely aren’t any extra costs. We know it’s hard to believe, but our ethos is to help people find, buy and sell homes without incurring huge costs. We charge a rate of 1% commission, and that’s that. We won’t cut corners to save money, and you’ll always receive an excellent service from us.

No, we’re a limited company. We run Hyatt Homes as a business, and as such, we do need to be financially viable. But – what makes us different from most property businesses is that profit is not the most important thing for us. We want to be able to grow our business so we can offer our services to more and more people; however making a profit is not our main motivator.

We work in partnership with housing associations, and a percentage of our profit is donated to homeless and community charities.

Great – we’re glad to hear that! The first thing is to make sure you’re eligible for an affordable housing scheme that enables you to take this further. Have a look at our online eligibility form, or contact us for a chat.

Broadly speaking, yes. Some products and services apply to new builds only, and sometimes they’re associated with a particular developer. Each one of our property listings specifies these details, so make sure you have a look at these before you fall in love with the property photograph!